Telecom Software Development Services for SS7 Sigtran

In SS7 Sigtran, Sigtran is the SS7 signaling over IP network. Sigtran is the standard of IETF that delivered specifications for a group of protocols. These protocols provide reliable user layer adaptations for SS7, ISDN User Adaption (IUA) communications protocols, and datagram service. Sigtran is a group of protocols characterized to transfer SS7 messages over IP network. It uses an Internet Protocol (IP) transport called Stream Control Transmission Protocol(SCTP), which is used to carry PSTN signaling over IP.
The SS7 network is like a foundation of all telephony networks worldwide. It is responsible for providing high availability and rapid network. It enables the subscriber to roam around the world on one network. Like, when you’re going in an outside nation.


For transport of SS7 messages over IP, UDP isn’t a choice, as it doesn’t have any reliable mechanisms. TCP was considered, but it had a problem called head-of-line blocking. In which, retransmission of lost messages creates an interruption where all subsequent messages are held until the lost one has been reliably delivered. Then a new protocol was created i.e. SCTP.
SCTP is a reliable transport protocol to transport SS7 signaling messages over IP networks. It operates directly on top of IP at the same level as TCP. It also offers acknowledged error-free non-duplicated transfer of datagrams. Checksums and Sequence numbers are used to achieve the detection of data corruption, loss of data and duplication of data. A specific retransmission mechanism is applied to correct corruption or loss of data.

Our Solution

Having intensive experience in developing core signaling solutions over SS7/Sigtran. Understanding of complete cycle from requirements to final deployment. ComCode provides complete development of Sigtran Adaptation Layers. It enables seamless convergence and inter-working of PSTN and IP protocols. Our solutions are for legacy networks TDM, 2G, 3G and for evolved networks in IMS and LTE. This has allowed us to become a referenced company in SS7, SIGTRAN.