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  • SS7/Sigtran

    Telecom Software Development Services for SS7 Sigtran In SS7 Sigtran, Sigtran is the SS7 signaling over IP network. Sigtran is the standard of IETF that delivered specifications for a group of protocols. These protocols provide reliable user layer adaptations for SS7, ISDN User Adaption (IUA) communications protocols, and datagram service. Sigtran is a group of protocols characterized to transfer SS7 messages over IP network. It uses an Internet Protocol (IP) transport called Stream Control Transmission […] More

  • Messaging

    Telecom SMSC Solutions For Bulk SMS Providers Provides telecom SMSC solutions for bulk SMS providers those need to connect SMPP based platform to the Mobile Operators over SS7/Sigtran. There are many bulk SMS service provider associated with a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC). SMSC is a network element that is accountable for managing the SMS operations such as stores, forwards, converts and delivers the SMS messages. SMSC contain SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) and […] More

  • Diameter (4G-LTE)

    Diameter (4G-LTE) Software Development Services Diameter (4G/LTE) is used when mobile users travel to another country and switch on their mobile device, the mobile phone will “register” to one of the local mobile networks. This registration process ensures the SIM card is valid and verifies which services the user is entitled to access. Diameter is a message based protocol, in which AAA nodes exchange messages and receive Positive or Negative affirmation for each message exchanged […] More

  • Data (4G-3G)

    LTE 4G 3G Network Solution Telecom Software Solutions for 4G 3G Network with GGSN | PGW We are providing development services for the LTE 4G 3G network data. Our solution supports GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) and PGW (Packet Data Network Gateway). The GGSN is a connection between the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) wireless data network and other external packet data networks(PDN) such as radio networks, IP networks, or private networks. GPRS is a […] More