USSD Gateway

Telecom Software Development For USSD Gateway

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) Gateway used to send text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network. It transmits USSD messages from over GSM signaling channels to a service application and vice versa. It is a Real-time and instant messaging service capability that allows operators to provide easy to use, responsive and fast menu-driven content provision services like balance inquiry, voting, short quiz applications, interactive chat, and subscribers also can make payments and purchases via their phone’s menu-driven USSD interface. USSD is not like SMS, it does not store and forward messages.
It is a session based protocol enables you to send out instant, secure messaging and menus to mobile phones around the world. The sessions are maintained and destroy by Mobile Application Part (MAP) that is an SS7 protocol. The Mobile Application Part (MAP) receives and sends out session IDs from the session ID pool. USSD uses the Home Location Register (HLR) of the subscriber.

Working of USSD Gateway:

These are one time messages to the handset with no interactivity.

  1. USSD messages pops up directly and are displayed on your screen or other applications with the single button “OK”.
    For example any special offer, game, quiz etc.
  2. Sometimes you use USSD code like *123# for balance enquiry, or to know your special offers etc.
  3. After dialing USSD code they send you a menu with in seconds in which many options are given.
  4. You will choose an option as per you requirement and send its index number(1,2,3,4..) as reply.
  5. They will give you reply according to your selection.


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