Telecom Software Development SMSC Solution

SMSC is a standard node in GSM network. It is one of the component in SMS. A SMSC is deployed in the home network of a mobile operator. When a mobile subscriber sends text to a short/long code or to the other mobile subscriber. Text is submitted to the SMSC. In turns service center sends text to destination address.


ComCode provides SMSC software, having APIs and other features along with core sms sending/receiving. An API enables to the mobile operator or bulk SMS provider to send/received text in business logic. A bulk sms provider can connect our SMSC , with no change in business logic.

ComCodeSMSC Supports for:

  • Sigtran (M3UA) 4666
  • GSM MAP 09:02
  • SMPP 3.4 along with Multiple source GT support
  • Supports full capability of SS7/Sigtran and SMPP

SMS Platform

Provides SMSC for bulk SMS providers those need to connect SMPP based platform to the Mobile Operators over SS7/Sigtran. 
With network consolidation from mergers and acquisitions we are providing our services in large wireless networks having nationwide or international coverage.


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